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Great Ideas for “Celebrating” Car Care Month

October is Car Care Month.

Why, October, you may wonder?

The changing temperatures necessitate some attention for your vehicle.

Are you down with the idea of scheduling some routine maintenance but not sure what you should have done?

You’re in luck because we’ve got some ideas to help you out.

Check fluid levels
You probably know that your car has a lot of fluids.

Any of them needing a change can throw off…
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Kelley Blue Book or Black Book? Which One Has the Info You Need?

Black or Blue?

Which book should you be using to find the most accurate value of your vehicle?

Both claim to be the best.

The truth is that each has a purpose.

Let’s take a look at what Black and Blue have to offer.

The Kelley Blue Book has been around since 1918 and the Black Book followed in 1955.

Neither is new to the car scene!

Here’s what you need…
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Teen Driving Statistics Every Parent Should Know

Teens are over represented in traffic accidents.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for those aged 15 to 20.

There are a couple reasons that this is the case:

  • Lack of maturity. They’re still kids! Don’t hesitate to prevent your teen from getting their license if you aren’t confident that they are mature enough to handle the responsibility. In the grand scheme of things, waiting is always better.
  • Lack of…
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What You Need to Know About Your Airbags to Stay Safe

The first airbag came along in the year 1973.

Since then, vehicle manufacturers have continued to improve upon the design and modern technology has made airbags safer than ever before.

Of course, they have greatly reduced the risk of death or serious injury in an accident, but they haven’t eliminated it totally.

Let’s look at some safety tips that can maximize the positive impact of your airbags.

Wear your seatbelt
Airbags are designed…
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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

Park Auto Group will again be participating in the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk" on October 22 at Malone University.  Please consider joining us that day to support this worthy cause. We will be accepting donations from now until the date of the walk.  You may make a donation at the Honda reception desk or online. 

Please refer to the link attached and you may feel free to speak to Angie Budinski x340 or…
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2017 Cars: The Best of the Best

Even mild car enthusiasts enjoy finding out what vehicles are at the top of the list for that year.

It’s especially helpful if you’re in the market for a new car!

Without further ado, here are the best of the best for 2017!

Honda Accord
It seems there aren’t enough adjectives to describe this consistently high-performer. Words like roomy, quiet, safe, efficient, and well-equipped are just a few that describe this year…
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Newly Married? Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Car Insurance

Newly Married? Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Car Insurance

Getting hitched comes with a lot of changes.

Financially, you have to figure out if you’re going to combine your bank accounts and who will be in charge of paying the bills.

With all the larger decisions, you may not have considered if and how getting married can affect your car insurance.

Did you know that in the eyes of insurance…
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